Hazardous substances in drinking water named

MOSCOW, 8 Feb – RIA Novosti. Poor quality drinking water can lead not only to intestinal infections, but also to other diseases. What you need to fear, in an interview with Sputnik radio, Director General of the Main Control and Testing Center for Drinking Water, Candidate of Technical Sciences Yuri Gonchar said.

Tap water in many Russian cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, is of better quality than most countries. Nevertheless, according to the expert, additional cleaning will not be superfluous, especially when it comes to baby food.

The main reason is the presence in tap water of organochlorine compounds formed as a result of chlorination. These are carcinogens that cannot be removed from the liquid either by boiling or settling. Therefore, it is recommended to filter tap water for children. “It is better to have the simplest jug-type device at home, at least for children. If it is not dangerous for an adult to drink tap water, then in children these substances can have a cumulative effect. In some cities where public utilities chlorine water uncontrollably, a huge concentration of organochlorine is obtained, and if it is not purified, oncology is practically guaranteed, “Yuri Gonchar told Sputnik radio.

Meanwhile, if the water from the tap seems cloudy to you, then you should not be scared right away: the reason is most likely in microscopic bubbles of dissolved gases – oxygen and nitrogen. When the water has settled, they will evaporate.

If the water is very hard and forms scale during boiling, then this is not a problem, the expert assured.

“These are hardness salts – calcium and magnesium salts, which are a building material for nails, hair and teeth. That is, it is the most harmless thing that can be in tap drinking water,” explained Yuri Gonchar.

Nevertheless, drinks and dishes will be more tasty if they are prepared in water with a minimum amount of salts – spring, distilled or thawed, the specialist noted.

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