Erdogan's main rival in the presidential election will create his own party

ANKARA, 8 Feb – RIA Novosti. The main rival of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in the last presidential elections in Turkey, Muharrem Ince, announced his withdrawal from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), accusing it of a pro-American position, and announced the creation of the Fatherland Party (Memleket).

Erdogan won the last presidential elections in Turkey in June 2018 with a score of 52.59%, while his main rival, Ince, gained 30.64%.

“The current opposition cannot challenge the authorities, it has grown together with it and is very pleased with this. They divide the people into two parts, like a watermelon. My path is at odds with those who are begging for democracy from the United States, who are asking:” What have we forgotten in Libya? “who says:” It is a pity that Turkey helped Azerbaijan. Therefore, I leave the CHP and create the Fatherland party, “Ince told reporters in Ankara.

According to him, the CHP was unable to unite the party members, it is devoid of confidence and ambition and has departed from the ideology with which it was created by the first Turkish President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. According to Ince, the party he is creating will not be a “one-man party.”

“We are entering a new road. I am a republican, a supporter of Ataturk, whose legacy is being erased. We will come to power, let no one doubt it. The CHP has become just a signboard. Those who say: 'Damn it, there is no one else for it.' We offer these people a choice. We will be the party of all 83 million, “Ince said.

He also criticized Erdogan, who, according to Indje, did not fulfill his campaign promises.

“Going to the elections, Erdogan promised a lot: the fight against unemployment, corruption. So what? Look at the numbers – everything has only gotten worse. In two years, the cost of electricity has increased by 70%. Everything has risen. Erdogan blames external forces for everything: the opposition, Western countries. . He must resign from his post, “the Turkish politician added.

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