Critical errors in the preparation of mashed potatoes are named

MOSCOW, 8 Feb – RIA Novosti. Chef from the UK Markus Waring named the main mistakes when making mashed potatoes, writes Birmingham Live.

The expert called the first mistake the cutting of potatoes into slices of different sizes. He warned that the same size of the slices is critical, otherwise there is a risk of digesting the smaller pieces. This, as pointed out by the chef, will make the dish watery and tasteless.

Another common mistake is boiling potatoes over too high a heat, Waring noted. According to him, the sliced wedges should be boiled in salted water over low heat.

If you do not follow this recommendation, the puree on the outside will be overcooked even before the “middle” is ready, which will negatively affect the consistency of the dish.

As the chef said, after the end of cooking, you need to drain the water from the pan and let the potatoes “rest” for about five minutes.

He added that you can add butter, cheese or herbs to the puree to taste. In this case, the substance at this moment must have a sufficient temperature.

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