WHO explains why COVID-19 vaccines cannot lead to infertility

GENEVA, 8 Feb – RIA Novosti. COVID-19 vaccines do not lead to infertility, Keith O'Brien, director of the World Health Organization's Department of Immunization and Vaccines, said Sunday.

“The vaccines that we offer do not lead to infertility. This is a rumor that has been spread about different vaccines, and this is not true. There are no vaccines that lead to infertility,” said O'Brien, answering the question of how true the rumors are about the fact that vaccinations against the new coronavirus lead to infertility. Her response was posted on the WHO's official Twitter account.

It is also not true, she said, that the new vaccines could alter human DNA.

“We now have two mRNA-based vaccines, and there is no way that such RNA can become DNA or alter the DNA of human cells. The mRNA vaccines are instructions that tell the body to make proteins. Most vaccines are made so that they deliver the protein themselves part of the microbe against which they must fight, “the expert noted.

O'Brien emphasized that mRNA-based vaccines are a new way to treat the virus, in which the human body itself will produce the necessary protein to fight the disease.

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