UK will not introduce “vaccinated passport”

MOSCOW, February 7 – RIA Novosti. British Vaccination Minister Nadeem Zahavi told Sky News that the UK has no plans to introduce so-called “vaccinated passports” designed to allow British people vaccinated against the coronavirus to travel abroad.

The Times reported this week, citing its sources, that the UK government plans to introduce “vaccinated passports” in the country and British officials have already begun work on them. Sources of the newspaper in the travel industry stressed that if tourists from Britain can provide proof of vaccination against the coronavirus, Greece could accept it in May.

On Sunday, Zahavi responded negatively to a journalist's question about whether Britain is considering introducing such passports.

“Firstly, we do not know exactly how vaccines affect transmission (of the virus). Secondly, that would be discriminatory, and I think it would be right to have people get vaccinated because they want to. and not because it became obligatory in some way because of the passport, “the minister explained.

According to him, if in some countries it is required to provide one or another form of “proof” of vaccination, then the British can ask the attending physician for such a document.

“But we are not planning to introduce passports in the UK,” Zahavi said.

Earlier, the introduction of the so-called “passport of the vaccinated” was proposed by travel and transport companies in Britain, which hope to use this step to increase tourist flow and restore business affected by the pandemic. Prime Minister Boris Johnson twice ruled out the issuance of such passports, explaining this by creating conditions of inequality and restrictions and stating that “we do not do this in our country.” Excluded the issuance of immunization passports and Minister of Health Matt Hancock. In January, Zahavi also confirmed that Britain would not introduce immunization passports for those vaccinated against the coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

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