Trump's advisor talks about his life after leaving the presidency

MOSCOW, February 7 – RIA Novosti. Former US President Donald Trump is happy after leaving the White House and happy to do without social media, said Jason Miller, a senior adviser to the former leader.

“The President was in a very good mood after leaving, there were some very tender moments with his family … For the first time in many years I saw the President really relaxed,” Miller told the Times.

Miller was on board the plane on which Trump flew to Florida along with relatives and other family members, the newspaper notes.

“The president said that he is happier than ever. He said that it is actually good not to be on social networks, not to be exposed to the closed world of hatred that social networks too often become,” said Trump's adviser.

According to him, Trump's wife Melania likes this whole situation, and she is “much happier.”

Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have previously blocked Trump's accounts for varying periods of time due to his statements about the January 6 riots in Washington. The reason was video and text messages to the protesters who seized the Capitol building in Washington. Calling on them, on the one hand, to behave peacefully and go home, Trump called them patriots and declared election fraud.

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