The toxicologist told what you can not handle the mask

MOSCOW, February 7 – RIA Novosti. Why you shouldn't disinfect a reusable mask and how to take care of a mask with “decorations”, Alexey Vodovozov, a physician of the highest category, a toxicologist, a member of the Science Journalists Club, told Sputnik radio.

Reusable fabric masks, like disposable masks, can perform their function for a limited amount of time. To ensure that fabric masks do not lose their protective properties, they must be washed regularly, like any linen, noted Alexey Vodovozov. “It is advisable to have several masks per shift: one is designed for a day of wearing and after that it must be washed. Ideal option: washed in a washing machine, dried, ironed. It is desirable that the masks are washable, withstand repeated washing, spinning, drying and ironing,” he said doctor.

Of course, if the mask is with rhinestones or other decorations, it cannot be washed in the usual way. Here you have to find a balance between utility and beauty. For example, jewelry can be made removable and attached when you need to put on a mask, advised Alexey Vodovozov.

But it is impossible to treat masks with various disinfectants, antiseptics, bleach and other similar agents: you can inhale harmful fumes. Alcohol is not suitable for this purpose either, the toxicologist warned.

“So you just breathe in alcohol vapors, it is possible that some intoxication will dissipate, moreover, it is possible that if you try very hard, it will be determined using breathalyzers, that is, you will not be able to get behind the wheel,” Alexey Vodovozov explained.

According to him, those who do not want to get involved with long-term processing of cloth masks can be advised to use respirators of the second protection class. They may well become not only a full-fledged, but also a completely aesthetic replacement – such respirators are now made in multi-colored and even with prints, concluded Alexey Vodovozov in an interview with Sputnik radio.

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