The passengers of the train stuck in Transbaikalia were provided with food

KRASNOYARSK, February 7 – RIA Novosti. Psychologists are working with passengers of the Vladivostok-Moscow train, detained due to the descent of freight cars on the railway in Transbaikalia, people are provided with hot meals, according to the Ministry of Emergencies in the region.

On Sunday morning, at the Nanagra station of the Trans-Baikal railway, 17 freight train cars derailed, the gauge of the neighboring track was violated. The movement of trains in the station is temporarily suspended. It was noted that due to the incident, a delay on the Vladivostok-Moscow passenger train is expected.

“At 09.56 (3.56 Moscow time), passenger train No. 061E Vladivostok – Moscow arrived at the Mogocha station. An ambulance team is working on site, medical and psychological assistance is provided to passengers. The railway trading company has organized hot meals. Assistance, if necessary, will be provided to passengers of three more passenger trains: No. 391 Blagoveshchensk – Chita, No. 001E Vladivostok – Moscow, No. 002 Moscow – Vladivostok “, – the message says.

According to the rescuers, emergency recovery trains of Russian Railways from the Mogocha and Zilovo stations are working at the scene, operational groups of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Trans-Baikal Territory and fire and rescue unit No. 24 are on duty. “In the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Trans-Baikal Territory, there is an operational headquarters,” the Ministry of Emergencies notes.

In total, 274 people, 41 pieces of equipment were involved in the restoration work.

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