The expert named the most reliable investment methods on the market

MOSCOW, February 7 – RIA Novosti. Investors in pursuit of high returns should not forget about the risk of investments in the financial market, but there are also reliable tools that allow them to get income above inflation, ensuring the complete safety of their savings, an expert at the financial literacy center of the Research Financial Institute (NFI) of the Ministry of Finance told RIA Novosti Russia Nadezhda Grosheva. “Before investing your money, you should look not only at the profitability you can get from them, but also weigh the risks. The easiest way is a bank deposit. However, reliability is limited to the amount of 1.4 million rubles – this is how much the system guarantees on deposit insurance “, – said Grosheva.

Among the market instruments, she said, federal loan bonds – OFZ – have the highest reliability. “With the help of these securities, the state lends money. There are even special issues for the population – OFZ-n. Now this is the most reliable way to place money,” the expert said.

She recalled that the state guarantees the return of funds at the end of the bond circulation period. OFZ-n can be returned to the state at any time, having received back the entire invested amount, but if you keep these securities until the end of the maturity period, that is, three years, then the yield on them will exceed 5.4% per annum. “OFZ without the prefix” n “- is also a reliable way to save money from inflation. But they are traded on the stock exchange, and their quotes can change. For predictability of income, it is better to keep until maturity, “the expert advises.

The yield on corporate bonds will be higher than that of government OFZs. “But the risk on such securities is greater,” warns Grosheva. To protect capital, she said, such securities are also suitable, but only if they are bonds of the largest well-known corporations.

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