Queues at gas stations disappeared in Khabarovsk

KHABAROVSK, February 7 – RIA Novosti. The queues at gas stations in Khabarovsk have disappeared, but it is still difficult to buy AI-95 gasoline, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports on Sunday.

Sharp problems with the availability of AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline arose in the region in mid-January. There were queues at gas stations, part of the gas station was closed due to lack of fuel. The regional authorities announced the planned modernization of an oil refinery owned by the NOC. Fuel for the region began to be supplied from the Federal Reserve. The current situation has led to an increase in fuel prices up to three rubles per liter.

On free classifieds sites, speculators began to sell popular brands of gasoline at a price twice as high as the pre-crisis price – from 75 to 125 rubles per liter. Some enthusiasts sold places in line at gas stations for 1,000 rubles. Videos with conflicts over gasoline at gas stations appeared on social networks.

The queuing situation started to improve from Friday. Over the weekend, AI-92 gasoline has already appeared at gas stations. However, problems with the AI-95 remain on Sunday: the RIA Novosti correspondent toured about a dozen gas stations in the city center, but none of them had a 95, the machines were accompanied by the words “maintenance”. According to information from drivers from different parts of the city, AI-95 can be found at individual stations.

As RIA Novosti reported in NNK-Khabarovsknefteprodukt, from February 3, gasoline production at the refinery has been resumed in full. The regional government announced on Sunday that the refinery produced 600 tons of AI-95 gasoline last night. “The fuel was shipped to the companies of PJSC” NNK-Khabarovsknefteproduct. ” region and in this brand of gasoline, “the authorities said.

And about. Alexander Chipizubov, the head of the fuel and energy complex development committee, said that AI-92 had not been produced since Saturday, and the day before it had been produced 1,800 tons.

“Instead of it, the production of AI-95 was going on. As for the AI-92, there is a sufficient amount of it accumulated in oil warehouses. Now the enterprise is trying to eliminate the deficit for the AI-95 brand, therefore it will only produce this fuel until Monday,” the press service leads his words.

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