In Germany, 14 people vaccinated against coronavirus infected with British strain

MOSCOW, February 7 – RIA Novosti. In Lower Saxony, northwest Germany, 14 nursing home residents have contracted the British strain of coronavirus after the introduction of the Pfizer vaccine. Focus writes about this with reference to a statement by local authorities.

“In a nursing home in Belme, there was an outbreak of infection with the British variant of coronavirus B.1.1.7. The mutation was detected in 14 guests, although all residents on January 25 received a second vaccination,” the report said.

All residents of the nursing home, as well as employees with family members, were quarantined. The spread of the coronavirus

According to the representative of the Osnabrück district Burkhard Riepenhoff, in all infected people the disease was asymptomatic or mild, which, according to doctors, may be due to the effect of vaccination.

About 105 million people are infected with the coronavirus in the world, 2.3 million have died. Most infected and victims in the United States, India and Brazil. The spread of the coronavirus

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