Greek politician urged to lift judicial immunity for pharmaceutical companies

ATHENS, 7 Feb – RIA Novosti. Former MEP, leader of the Greece – Another Way party, Notis Marias petitioned the European Parliament to declare it illegal to exempt pharmaceutical companies, in particular AstraZeneca, from any liability for the possible side effects of her COVID-19 vaccine. The politician himself told RIA Novosti about this, noting that this is a big problem that could affect thousands of citizens of the European Union.

Currently, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna vaccines are approved for use in the EU.

“I petitioned the European Parliament on 3 February in response to the shameful privilege granted by the European Commission and the Greek government, along with the governments of other EU member states, to AstraZeneca for its vaccine. The European Commission in its Pre-Purchase Agreement with AstraZeneca on 27 August 2020 on behalf of the EU member states, and therefore Greece, grants privileges to a multinational pharmaceutical company. It is exempt from any liability for possible side effects of the vaccine, “Marias said, adding that” the decision should also apply to all other vaccines. ” …

He explained that every citizen of the European Union who is interested or concerned about any issue has the right to submit a petition. “When the discussion in the petition committee takes place, I will call on the European Commission to clarify for what purpose these reservations were made, and subsequently the MPs will be able to control the commission and This is lawlessness. This is one of the types of parliamentary control. If the petition is accepted, then the parliament sits and there is a public discussion, at least for half an hour, it is broadcast on television, etc. Witnesses are invited to the meeting, it’s like a court. If they think unacceptable petition, I will go to the court of the European Union. Because a big problem has opened up. It concerns other vaccines, “said Marias, noting that he invites other EU citizens to sign this petition.

According to Marias, who is an EU institutional setting specialist, the petition concerns Section 14.1 of the AstraZeneca Pre-Purchase Agreement. “It provides that the EU contracting states shall indemnify and hold harmless AstraZeneca, protect it from all losses and liabilities, as well as from legal costs arising from or in connection with claims of death, physical, mental or emotional trauma, illness, disability or fear of the vaccinated victims, “said Marias.

According to him, the EU also undertakes to pay for any loss or damage to the property or business of the victim or his relatives associated with or resulting from the use of the vaccine. “This means that the company is excluded from liability for any damage to the health or property of the vaccinated. And the contracting states, that is, Greece, take on compensation instead of AstraZeneca for these reasons,” said Marias.

He stated that, in addition, according to section 15.1. Pre-purchase agreements, the European Commission waives any claims against AstraZeneca arising from the lack of safety or efficacy of the vaccine, provided AstraZeneca complies with EU regulations and product and vaccine requirements in a pandemic. “These provisions contradict both Council Directive 85/374 / EEC, which explicitly sets out the terms of the vaccine manufacturer's liability, and the case law of the European Court of Justice,” Marias said.

He said the court in 2017 upheld a lawsuit by a French citizen against Sanofi Pasteur for compensation for health damage caused by vaccination against hepatitis B vaccine, and the decision set out the terms and conditions for the legal liability of the vaccine companies to compensate those whose health suffered due to the side effects of the vaccine. “I demand that the European Parliament examine the reasons that prompted the European Commission to grant AstraZeneca illegal privileges and immunities, and take the necessary measures to end the violation,” said Marias. “The issue of exempting AstraZeneca from any liability for possible side effects of the COVID vaccine -19 raises fundamental political, ethical and legal issues in violation of EU legislation before thousands of Europeans to be vaccinated. Citizens of EU member states who should be vaccinated are concerned and reasonably question why AstraZeneca was exempted from liability, “said the politician …

He stressed that the European Commission had refused to publish the controversial agreement for several months, and when it finally did, it was not completely published, it was censored. Marias also said that the West is trying to create a “NATO vaccine” that uses only certain types of vaccines produced in the Alliance countries. “The Russian vaccine is not allowed for political reasons,” the politician said.

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