Cynologist warned against transferring dogs to a vegan diet

MOSCOW, February 7 – RIA Novosti. The President of the Russian Cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev strongly opposed the transfer of dogs to a trendy vegetarian or vegan diet due to possible subsequent health problems.

“It is important to remember that a dog is a predator. Only a properly selected balance of all the necessary substances allows the dog's body to work correctly, without serious disruptions. The lack of at least one important element in the daily diet can lead to health problems. In no case should you project onto pets have their own eating habits – we are different biological species. Just as you cannot feed a dog from your table with pizza and rolls, you cannot make a vegetarian out of it. And I highly recommend consulting a veterinarian when drawing up a diet and correctly compose a diet, “he told RIA News.

According to him, the widespread fashion for a vegetarian or vegan diet among people is beginning to be projected by owners onto pets. “Dog breeders, giving up meat, change the diet of the dog, turning it from a meat-eater to a vegetarian, or even a vegan,” Golubev said.

He noted that many dogs, primarily puppies, love cereals or fruits, but according to the structure of their teeth, which do not have chewing surfaces for grinding plant food, and a short gastrointestinal tract, which allows you to digest and assimilate ready-made animal proteins, they should eat meat products. In addition, dogs have very little (although more than that of its ancestor, the wolf) amylase – an enzyme without which the breakdown of carbohydrates is impossible. The production of a small amount of the enzyme allows you to eat plant foods for some time when protein foods are not available.

“The closeness to humans, the ability to assimilate the remnants of human food increased the survival rate of the species. However, survival and prosperity should not be confused. A dog for the sake of survival can eat plant foods for some time and only them. But such a dog will never be full of strength, capable of exertion and healthy to the fullest, “Golubev said.

The expert said that unlike herbivores or omnivores, dogs cannot synthesize protein to build their bodies from plant protein. Plant proteins are capable of nourishing the dog's body to a certain extent, but they do not contain all the essential amino acids for the “building material” of the dog's body. Until the age of five or six, the body's resources allow the animals to feel good, but after that, rapid wear and tear and sharp aging begin. “Sometimes it is imperceptible, but more and more often the pet is tormented by illness,” said Golubev.

The most suitable diet

The dog handler gave advice to vegetarian and vegan dog breeders on how to compose a diet for animals.

For those owners who do not consume animal food themselves, but nevertheless respect the nature of a domestic predator, Golubev advises to prepare a diet for animals, composed of meat, organs, meat bones and vegetables with fruits. “Someone calmly cuts and gives raw meat and meat products, others prefer ready-made rations in packaging. Thanks to such nutrition, the dog has a shiny coat, strong muscles, healthy teeth and excellent digestion. The health of such a pet is in optimal condition,” said dog handler.

For owners who understand that a dog should receive a complete diet with animal protein, but do not tolerate the type of meat, Golubev advises using dry and wet food. “The owner can choose products that contain animal protein or those that contain only bird protein. There is also a feed based entirely on fish and eggs,” he said.

The third diet is suitable for owners who strongly oppose the consumption of any animal protein by the dog. They will be helped by feed that does not contain animal proteins, birds, fish or eggs. “We are talking about insect protein sources. Grown in certain environments and properly processed, they are absolutely safe for animals and people. Foods created on the basis of insect protein and supplemented with the necessary ingredients, cover the needs of dogs for non-vegetable proteins and can be used on on a permanent basis, “- said the dog handler.

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