About 170 people went missing after a glacier in India

NEW DELHI, 7 Feb – RIA Novosti. Seven people have died and about 170 are still missing since a glacier disappeared in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, the State Disaster Management Center said.

“Seven people were killed, six were injured and about 170 went missing after the floods in Uttarakhand,” the center said in a statement.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of India, the descending glacier led to a rise in the water level in the Rishiganga River, which washed away the 13.2 MW Rishiganga hydroelectric power station. The flash flood also impacted the NTPK (India's largest energy company) hydropower project in Tapovan on the Dhauliganga River, which is a tributary of the Alaknanda River.

In response to the flooding, Uttarakhand authorities evacuated residents of villages located on the banks of the river below the hydroelectric power plant, and dams in the cities of Srinagar, Rishikesh and Haridwar carried out an emergency discharge of water to prevent further damage.

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According to the Chief Minister of the State of Trivendra Singh Rawat, at the moment the bodies of seven dead have been found, 125 people are considered missing, this number may grow. At the same time, earlier the representative of the Indo-Tibetan border police S.S. Desval said rescuers found the bodies of 10 dead.

Rescuers managed to extract 16 people who were working on the construction of the Tapovan hydroelectric power station. At the moment, the operation continues to extract workers from another tunnel.

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