A lawyer gave advice on how not to get to work in a troubled firm

MOSCOW, February 7 – RIA Novosti. In labor relations, the employee is more vulnerable than the employer, therefore, the law pays close attention to protecting the interests of the employee, lawyer Nadezhda Ermolaeva told the Prime agency.

Before responding to a job offer, the prospective employer should be checked. The network now has many services for checking firms. You can use free services, for example, on the website of the Federal Tax Service. “The service for checking contractors will be useful not only for entrepreneurs, but in general it can say a lot about the company,” the expert believes.

It is worth using a file of arbitration cases on the websites of arbitration courts, which will allow you to find out if the company is not involved in potentially dangerous litigations for it, for example, with the tax authorities. There are also commercial services that check companies according to a number of criteria, right down to their ultimate beneficiaries.

In any case, when concluding an employment contract, it is worthwhile to carefully study not only its conditions, but also to find out whether they comply with the provisions of labor legislation. “You should be especially attentive to the terms of termination of an employment contract or its early termination, if we are talking about a fixed-term contract,” Ermolaeva warned.

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