The expert told how China “buried” the tank production of Ukraine

MOSCOW, February 6 – RIA Novosti. The Malyshev Tank Plant (ZiM) in Kharkov is in deep crisis due to wage arrears and lack of orders. An expert of the Ukrainian consulting company Defense Express writes about this.

According to the author, the enterprise has a two-month wage arrears to the team, debts for the supply of units, systems and units have not been paid, gas bills have not been paid. Suppliers were lured to cooperate with ZiM by a scheme with deferred payments, and later by letters of guarantee, but in the end they still did not pay them off.

“The bottom of the debt is deepening again and again. Every day, the maintenance of such a monster as the Malyshev plant is two million hryvnias (5.4 million rubles). Regardless of whether it produces some kind of product or not,” he noted is he.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that the key customer of the enterprise – Pakistan – preferred to cooperate in the production of tanks with China. Islamabad purchased T-80UD from ZiM, as well as motor-transmission units for the Al-Khalid and Al-Khalid-1 tanks. The plant earned nearly a billion dollars in profit for this major contract. However, the Chinese VT-4 turned out to be a “killer of Ukrainian exports” and squeezed the products of the Malyshev plant not only in Pakistan, but also in Thailand.

This significantly reduced the export load of ZiM. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense also does not conclude contracts for the supply of tanks with the enterprise.

At the moment, “Ukroboronprom” is trying to find a director for the plant. “However, the way out of the crisis of the country's main tank enterprise lies outside the limits of local personnel decisions,” the expert notes.

He advised “Ukroboronprom” not to treat the plant according to the principle “less feed, more milk.”

The specialist is sure that the current situation is a consequence of the lack of systemic measures aimed at taking ZiM out of the deep crisis. The enterprise has now become virtually bankrupt.

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