The danger of garlic is named

MOSCOW, February 6 RIA Novosti. Excessive consumption of garlic for a long time can cause serious health problems, warned user Sohu.

According to him, the vegetable poses a particular danger to people with eye diseases. So, one of the side effects can be blurred vision and blurred vision. “This is due to the very long-term use of garlic in food, so there is an ambiguous saying among the people:” Garlic is good for health, but bad for the eyes, “the article says.

In addition, excess garlic in the diet can cause symptoms such as tinnitus, dry mouth, heaviness in the head, and memory loss.

Moderate consumption of this vegetable crop, on the contrary, is good for health, the author of the publication noted. Garlic has the ability to lower blood sugar, as well as anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effects.

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