Pomorie can become one of the leaders in the development of commercial fish farming

ARKHANGELSK, February 5 – RIA Novosti. The Arkhangelsk region demonstrates serious progress in the development of aquaculture, which may allow it to become one of the leaders in this industry among the subjects of the Russian Federation, says the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery Ilya Shestakov, quoted by the press service of the Pomorie government.

Shestakov on Friday took part in a meeting of the Fishery Council of the Arkhangelsk Region.

“Enterprises of the fishery complex are quite active, including investment. Serious progress is also noted in the development of commercial fish farming: the growth is already serious, and I am sure that in the near future the region will reach even higher indicators,” said the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Trade of the region, the Arkhangelsk region today is the only constituent entity of the Russian Federation, where the regional budget funds are being studied for water bodies for their suitability for commercial fish farming, the message says.

“Since 2017, specialists have examined the reservoirs of the Velsky, Primorsky, Ustyansky, Kholmogorsky, Onega, Nyandomsky, Konosha, Plesetsk, Kargopol districts, as well as the Severodvinsk municipality. Studying the lakes, experts assess not only their suitability for fish farming, but also transport availability, connectivity to power grids, proximity to product markets, “the press service said.

As the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region noted, implementing the project, the regional government seeks to support entrepreneurs who have decided to engage in commercial fish farming, and to stimulate the creation of new jobs.

“Carrying out research is a financially costly process, while entrepreneurs have a real risk: having spent significant funds, they can get a negative result. Implementation of the project minimizes this risk. Potential investors are offered ready-made platforms for doing business,” the government's press service quotes Pomorie words of Tsybulsky. Arkhangelsk region

There are other types of support for commercial fish farming in the region, including reimbursement of part of the business costs for feed and fish seed. Largely due to this, over the past three years, the volume of commercial fish farming in the region has doubled – up to 220 tons. The plan for 2021 is to increase production volumes by another two and a half times. In such conditions, large companies that are engaged in traditional fishing are also showing interest in commercial fish farming, the message underlines.

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