Netanyahu accuses ICC of sophisticated anti-Semitism

TEL-AVIV, 6 Feb – RIA Novosti. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the ICC investigation against Israel sophisticated anti-Semitism in a video message posted on social media Saturday night.

Earlier on Friday, a chamber of the International Criminal Court ruled that it has jurisdiction to investigate the situation in Palestine and the probable war crimes committed by Israel in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

“When the International Court of Justice in The Hague investigates Israel on a completely false charge of war crimes, it is sophisticated anti-Semitism. This tribunal was created to prevent atrocities such as the genocide of the Jewish people by the Nazis, and now it is attacking the only Jewish state,” the prime minister said. in a video message.

“Firstly, he scandalously declares a war crime that the Jews live in their homeland, in Shiloh, Hebron, Beit El, even in our capital Jerusalem. Secondly, he claims that our hero soldiers are committing a war crime, when they protect us from terrorists who come to kill our children and fire rockets at our cities, “Netanyahu added.

At the same time, the Prime Minister accused the International Criminal Court of putting forward “delusional charges against the only democracy in the Middle East”, he refuses to investigate “war crimes committed by brutal dictatorships such as Iran and Syria.”

Earlier on Saturday, in a special statement, the Israeli army called the ICC's decision biased and said it would continue to protect the security of the country and its citizens, respecting national and international law.

ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said in December 2019 that she intends to conduct a full investigation into the war crimes committed by Israel in the Palestinian territories. According to her, this decision was the result of an appeal from Palestine. However, she noted at the time that the investigation would only commence once the Pre-Trial Chamber, on the basis of Article 19 (3) of the Rome Statute of the ICC, determined the territory in which it could be conducted, “given the unique and contentious legal and factual issues surrounding situation. ”

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