Make the Switch from Wells Fargo

Thank you! for making the switch from Wells Fargo to a more honest bank or credit union that doesn't take away your Constitutional rights. Together, we can change how banks treat their customers and workers, for the better.

When you make the switch -- let your friends and family know, by posting the good news on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media. We're using the hashtag #SwitchfromWellsFargo

Also let us know by sending an email to We Do Count. Here's where to Contact Us.
Why Switch from Wells Fargo?
If you think that you should not have to worry about your bank's engaging in identity theft, fraud, and other illegal activity:
Los Angeles Times: "Wells Fargo to Pay $185 Million for 'Outrageous' Sales Culture"
Friday, Feb. 24. Joe Ridout of Consumer Action delivers letter from pro-consumer coalition to Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan at Wells Fargo Headquarters in San Francisco
If you want to help support our military heroes and their families:
CNN: "Wells Fargo Illegally Seizes Soldier's Car"

CNN Money: U.S.: "Wells Fargo Illegally Repossessed 413 Service Members' Cars"
If you care about preserving the environment:
NPR Capitol Public Radio: "Two Cities to Pull $3 Billion from Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline Project"
If you are concerned about conflicts of interest at the highest levels of our government:
Truth Examiner: "Donald Trump Owes Wells Fargo over $1.2 Billion, This is a Huge Problem. Here's Why."

The Intercept: "Wells Fargo to Pay Transportation Secretary [and wife of GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell] Elaine Chao up to $5 million over next four years"
If you are concerned about the growth of the private prison industry and increasing deportations:
Huffington Post: "Seattle Just Showed One Way to Disrupt Trump's Mass Deportations"
If you believe you should not have to surrender your precious rights under the U.S. Constitution to obtain banking services:
Des Moines Register Editorial: "Wells Fargo blocks the courthouse door"

Sacramento Bee Editorial: "Wells Fargo victims deserve day in court"
If you believe that workers should be protected from retaliation when they blow the whistle on illegal activities:
Think Progress: "Caught Cheating Clients for Years, Wells Fargo Takes It Out on Low-Level Employees"