About We Do Count

We DO Count is dedicated to empowering American citizens to have YOUR voices heard -- even when powerful, corrupt, anti-consumer, anti-worker billionaires and corporate special interests have taken control of Congress and the White House.

We the People have more power than some folks think. Together, we can be a powerful force for good, for fairness, and for justice.

Across the entire nation, groups that represent millions of consumers and workers are uniting to stop corporations from robbing us of our basic rights, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution -- including Wells Fargo -- the least respected company in the nation.
Here's who is working together to get Wells Fargo to stop robbing its customers
and workers of their Constitutional rights
Sally Greenberg (5th from left), Executive Director of the National Consumers League, gets a friendly reception from community leaders, executives, and staff at the Bank of Labor
Together, we are challenging Wells Fargo to stop forcing its customers and workers to surrender their U.S. Constitutional rights, by signing a "rip-off clause" before they can get banking services or employment. The National Consumers League kicked off the campaign by withdrawing approx. $1.8 million from Wells Fargo and switching its accounts to the Bank of Labor. The Bank of Labor is consumer-friendly and worker-friendly, and does NOT require you to surrender your Constitutional rights to bank with them.

Make your voice heard! Make the switch. Fire Wells Fargo. How to fire Wells Fargo

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We DO Count is a project of the non-profit consumer organization Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS) Foundation, founded in 1979. The CARS Foundation is working on this project in cooperation with a large coalition of pro-consumer, pro-worker groups and individuals. Here's who is working together to get Wells Fargo to stop robbing its customers and workers of their Constitutional rights

About the Founder of We DO Count

We DO Count Founder "Rosemary Shahan is a real example of a citizen-activist. She is as tenacious as a bulldog, consistent as the Milky Way, and as humane in her own way as Mother Teresa."
-- Ralph Nader, consumer advocate. From "Safe Passage: driven to push for better auto laws," San Diego Union-Tribune, June 15, 1991
"Auto safety activist Rosemary Shahan turns lemons into legislation"
Los Angeles Times
April 1, 2012
by Ken Bensinger
Richard Cordray, appointed by President Obabma as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Rosemary Shahan, Founder of We DO Count
"The gig:  Rosemary Shahan is the founder and president of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS). The Sacramento organization has been the driver of some of the most important advances in auto-related safety and financial protection regulation on the books today.

Shahan, 62, championed the nation's first lemon law in California, which has since been copied in every state. She was a major force behind the federal air bag mandate and laws protecting military service members from abusive car loans. And she's not finished...."

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